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Welcome to the Kibbutz Alumim website
In 2012 Kibbutz Alumim is home to 400 people. There are 90 families with 135 children. The population includes kibbutz members, soldiers, students, young couples in various stages of absorption and Mechinat Yonatan, whose members divide their time between working, learning and voluntary work in a Gap Year program before enlisting in the army. Most of the members are "sabras" (born in Israel), but there are also a number of English, American and Australian members.
Alumim is a traditional cooperative kibbutz which adheres to the established kibbutz ideology "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs". All income generated by the various branches of the kibbutz and all members’ wages are deposited in the kibbutz’s central account. Members receive all their requirements ("basic needs", a monthly allowance and many "luxuries") from the kibbutz regardless of the income they have generated for the kibbutz. Unlike many of the other kibbutzim, there has been almost no privatization on Alumim and most of the very large communal budget is distributed by committees which are responsible for all areas of kibbutz life.
Alumim is a successful kibbutz whose stable economy is based largely on agriculture. In addition, internal service industries have been expanded and now sell their skills to all interested parties. Apart from being home to 375 people, Kibbutz Alumim is a thriving business which provides a living for the 90 families who live there.
Kibbutz Alumim's businesses include:
* Agriculture: growing potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes,(conventional and organic) peppers, jojoba, wheat and other cereal crops, avocados and citrus fruit
* Poultry Farming: raising chickens for meat
* Dairy Farming: raising cows for milk
* Vegetable Packing House: sorting and packing conventional and organic produce
* Alutech: using computer automation technology to design and execute computerization and control projects in Israel and abroadhttp://www.alutech.co.il/
* Guest Rooms: operating throughout the year in a modern religious family oriented environment (see Alumim Guest Houses)
* Garage: servicing cars and tractors
* Dental Clinic: providing high quality treatment in up to date surroundings
* Outside Employment and Entrepreneurial Initiatives: enabling members to pursue careers in their professions and nurturing individual business initiatives
A central focus of Alumim's communal life is the Bet Knesset (synagogue) and Bet Midrash. Shabbat, festival and daily services are held in the synagogue and there is a full schedule of daily and weekly shiurim (lessons) given by Rav. Amit Kula, the rabbi of the kibbutz, or kibbutz members. There is a rich cultural life on the kibbutz with trips, lectures, shows and activities to suit all tastes.
Kibbutz Alumim places great importance on Tzedakah (charity) and social awareness. As a community and as individuals the residents of Alumim are involved in numerous voluntary projects: an annual summer camp for handicapped children run by the youth of Alumim, visiting bereaved families, volunteering on help lines for victims of violence, giving beauty treatments to cancer patients, preparing food parcels for needy families in the area, volunteering in a neighbourhood in Sderot and many more.
Any community must continue to grow, develop and expand if it wishes to survive. In light of this Alumim is taking strategic action and planning for the future.
Some of the challenges that lie ahead are the:
* Expansion of the kibbutz's businesses and infrastructure together with the promotion of building initiatives
* Absorption of new members to ensure continuity (see Absorption on Kibbutz Alumim)
* Provision of support and welfare for the founding members as they grow older and take a less active role in running the community
* Development of educational and cultural programs to enrich the members and their families
* Involvement and mutual support of social welfare programs in the surrounding communities and in Israeli society as a whole
* Continued investment in countering the security and settlement challenges inherent in a community flourishing on the Gaza border
In the 21st century where individualism and personal fulfilment are such strong motivators Alumim is committed to the challenge of attracting new members who are willing to be part of a society which relies on a willingness to contribute to the wider community and where personal benefit or advancement may have to take second place.
For more information or to contact Kibbutz Alumim, please write to: mazap@alu.org.il 
Kibbutz Alumim is situated in the north western Negev. It was established in the late-summer of 1966 by two groups (garinim) from the Bnei Akiva youth movement and belongs to the Religious Kibbutz Movement. Alumim is a religious kibbutz combining a modern orthodox way of life and a commitment to earning a living whether by agriculture or in alternative professions.

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